Best Kids Friendly Storage Ideas

Here are some ideas to help you with storage for your kids and make it easier for them to store and organize their own things.

Kids room with bunk beds, storage and a fluffy sitting area with folding gym mat.

Keep things handy

The knob rack with 4 knobs near the changing table is great for storing things to keep your baby busy while you get on with diaper work. As your children get older, they can organize their own things if you put the knob rack at the right height for them.

Knob rack with 4 knobs is mounted on a pink wall, holding a comfortable blanket with soft and fluffy toys.

Storage for small items

In addition to the garage for the train, your kids will find that a box with a lid is perfect for small things like pens and pencils. It’s transparent so it’s easy to see where everything is. If you have more than one box, you can stack them to save space.

A train set is laid out on a blue floor with the other parts of the set arranged in a transparent box with a lid.

Organized house for all toys

Organizing as well as storing toys and art supplies is easy with the TROFAST (IKEA) toy storage series. The sturdy wooden frame holds a lightweight plastic case that your child can easily slide, take to fun places then put back on.

Label each toy box according to the type of toy stored

Where clothes cannot be hidden

Do your kids have trouble keeping track of things like socks? So, a great way to make them easier is to divide and organize the inside of their drawers by several boxes with compartments. They fit perfectly into the drawers in STUVA (IKEA) storage.

A white drawer unit with open drawers contains a box with compartments for sorting colored clothes.

Tidy up and find some more

Tidying up toys is fast if you have a box like this storage chest. Your kids will also be able to find the toys again because they can see them in the cage.

A storage chest that holds kids toys including soft toys is located on a blue and white rug.

Practical extra bed

Sometimes the only way to keep scary nightmares away is to sleep near you. Why not make it easier with a few hooks on your kids bedroom wall for a spare mattress, and a bed like this one with a storage box underneath for an extra bed? Therefore, it’s great for friends to stay as well.

Kids room with a bunk bed and storage box with a wall lamp at one end, and a sleeping tent at the other.

Encourage reading

You can make it easier for your kids to find their favorite books with a book display or wall storage. Wall storage is great for storing all kinds of items, while the book display is easy to carry so you can take all your books with you wherever you and your child want to snuggle up for a story.

Wall storage and a display of books and toys in the blue nursery with rugs and toys on top.