Children’s Room Space For Play And Rest

A growing child and changing interests, how the economically minded parent designs a room that will last years, or at least from infancy to adolescence. Interior designers and decorators across the country have written numerous books on the subject. And all of them will be happy to design for your children’s room, but if you do not have a lot of funds or if you prefer to do it yourself, there are many things that you need to consider.

First, determine the furniture. When your baby is big and often comes out of the crib, it doesn’t mean you have to immediately buy a new bed for him. You can still use the crib as long as there is enough for it. With a little creativity, you can remove the sides of the box and make it your child’s bed. Here are smart tips for decorating a children’s room with a place for them to play and rest.

Space to play and rest

Comfortable supportive naps and deep sleeps at night leave plenty of energy for play and fun! STUVA / FRITIDS beds are extremely comfortable and practical, and the drawers are perfect for storing a variety of toys.

Children’s room with white baby cot, yellow rug, white wardrobe, green toddler truck and butterfly wall lamp.

Colorful and comfortable – RÖRANDE bedding is made from 100% sustainably grown cotton which keeps getting softer every time.

Part of a baby cot with one side of RÖRANDE sheet and bedspread that stands in the children’s room.

RASSLA storage box with compartments aids coaching and coaching in the larger drawer.

The drawer under the bed pulled out. There are toys arranged in a RASSLA box with compartments

Toys move! The handle on the MULA toy truck can be attached in two ways (upright is best for beginners!).

A toy and toy storage truck with wheels stands on the floor. Clothes hung from knob racks on the wall

The sturdy TROFAST storage boxes come in a variety of sizes and colors offering unbeatable personalized toy storage.

A folding, foldable, standing gym mat next to a storage combination that stores boxes and toys

FLISAT storage toys have wheels that allow you to carry books, toys and other things to any area of ​​the house.

A toy storage with wheels filled with books stands beside a white crib with one side removed.

It’s great fun doing things yourself! The wardrobe helps a 3 year old to reach for writing (at least most of them can do it!).

A half-open wardrobe stands next to a wall-mounted knob rack and a toy storage area with wheels

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