Bright And Tidy Bathroom Setup With Open Shelves

Looking to create some more space in your bathroom and free your surfaces from years of accumulated clutter? So, bathroom open shelves storage furniture is a fantastic means of tidying a bathroom, bringing a clean and coordinated look and feel to the space, and providing a home for all your essentials.

If you have floor space available, a floor standing bathroom cabinet might answer all your needs in one unit. If you don’t have room for a floor-standing unit, there are several alternatives available to you. One way is to use the underside of the dresser for additional open shelf storage.

Basic function bathroom with little extras

Make the most of your minimalist bathroom design with open and closed storage environments and bold details that allow you to show your personality.

A bathroom with red-orange trolley and bathroom furniture, round mirrors, red / light purple towels as well as cream stair stools.

STORAVAN toiletries set has a plain design that can fit into any bathroom style – perfect if you want small, affordable changes.

White sink with soap dispenser, toothbrush holder and black / white tray, and blue vase with pink flowers.

Dimmable and perfectly illuminated bathroom lighting is perfect every time, whatever the purpose or need.

A white wall lamp with swinging arms is mounted on the wall above the round mirror. A white cupboard and red orange shelves lay beside it.

Mini storage rack helps you organize your make-up and accessories, its useful design makes it easy for you to find what you are looking for.

Open shelves are very helpful in small spaces, make them on the side walls of the mirrors so they don’t block the mirrors and complete them with swivel shelves to make it easier to reach the perfume.

Small but expressive – and functional too! Hanging hangers won’t take up much space, but they do offer storage for many types of items, one small towel.

Discover More Design

All the shelves available online have their measurements posted. I recommend that you take the time to gauge the space you have in mind before buying a shelf. “Observing” space isn’t always as accurate as you might think.

Finally, think about how your bathroom looks now, and how great it will look with the addition of a few small but nice shelves. Installing a few extra shelves in your bathroom will help keep it organized, as well as tidying it up and allowing you to decorate it nicely.