A Bright Dining Area Can Be Your Dream Room

A classic white look and also a Scandinavian style are in this dining room. The dining area and also the open and partitioned TV room make for an elegant and neat appearance. The design of the dining room is definitely one of the dreams for home owners to have a dining room like this. White tables and chairs, as well as pendant lamp shades made of bamboo, make this dining room a classic traditional elegant look. Also the rug woven in natural colors adds softness not even when you step on it, but when you look at it.

What makes it great here? That the selection of the right furniture greatly affects how the room will develop. When buying furniture, you have to be very careful so that what you choose really fits your needs.

The dining area where dreams are shared

The dining table is a natural gathering place for the family: where you chat, eat and share your goals and dreams. And by choosing a sturdy, stable table, like NORDVIKEN, you’ll know that this place will last for years.

A spacious and bright dining area with connected living area. The dining table is extended, and the stool provides more seats.

Start your morning in the best possible way with a long and comfortable breakfast. The extendable dining table is very stable and sturdy, and will be at your service for many years. And what’s more, this table also has extra space for the guests – perfect for inviting them to lunch!

Table and chairs which can be extended to stand in a breakfast setting. The illuminated pendant lights provide warm lighting from above.

Storage cabinets for dust-free tableware on the dining area can be more than smart – they can also be displayed to make them look beautiful! With glass doors with lights attached to the inside of the cabinet, creating a cozy atmosphere in the dining room.

HAVSTA white storage combination with sliding glass doors stores tableware and glass in the dining room.

A good all-rounder

The more guests that arrive, the more chairs will be needed – choose those that can be stacked so that there is less room when not in use. KYRRE in a selection of birch colors with a simple design that will fit into any home style.

As extra storage, decorative display areas, and even as a room divider – the HAVSTA console table can be useful in more than one way when placed in your dining area.

The HAVSTA series looks classic and timeless, and it’s easy to create a uniform Scandinavian-style dining room look in your home thanks to the variety of furniture in the series – such as TV tables and coffee tables!

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