Bright Kid’s Bedroom to Play, Grow and Explore

Once you decide to decorate a nursery or re-decorate the Kid’s bedroom in the house, the first thought is ‘What should the theme be?’ As you glance through magazines and books, you find yourself keeping an eye out for colors and patterns that appeal to you. You start to pay closer attention to the latest TV characters and which ones your child enjoys the most.

The current trend is to look for rooms that grow with your kids. You look at the Kid’s bedroom furniture trying to figure out how many years it might last. You think twice about painting murals for Kid’s bedroom since they might not enjoy it two years down the line.

Play, grow and explore

Encouraging kids to learn new things and take responsibility for themselves can help them grow and become confident. Furnishings developed from a child’s needs and perspective, ideas that simplify the day and toys that stimulate the routine are some of the many things that motivate children to become independent.

Extendable beds are an affordable option that can be used for years. And lengthening the bed means: your child grows bigger!

Playing with toys, building bricks or drawing? Activity on the table is like a blank canvas: endless opportunities! Choose one with storage to make the room less cluttered.

Boxes and bricks, play and storage: BYGGLEK LEGO® is fun for kids as well as adults (hello, childhood memories!). The storage box has a lid that offers space for play and display as well.

The folding gym mat offers comfortable play for children and their dinosaur toys. Simply fold and store the mattress when you need more floor area.

Wardrobes with clothes rails and hooks make it easy for children to build and find their clothes and accessories.

Racks, hangers and non-reinforced wire baskets ensure your child will have the perfect wardrobe solution to beat, year after year.

Being able to dress yourself is a real confidence booster, and it gets a lot easier when you have a schedule to follow. Add labels and handles of your choice!