A Clean and Simple Bedroom With Bamboo Furniture

The Airy Bedroom with Bamboo Furniture is one of the most innovative bedroom sets available. It brings together the open shelves, storage organization and bamboo furniture, into a unique storage unit that will help keep your clutter to a minimum while keeping your bedroom neat and clean. Even if you have an extremely small room, the little storage unit will make it feel like a larger room, and with all the drawers and shelves included you’ll be able to fit even more furniture in the room.

The Open Shelves feature bamboo furniture that features a mirrored finish to add a touch of class to your space. The shelves are not only functional, they also have the ability to add color and light to any room. The open shelves come in two different sizes, either large or small. This allows you to use the shelves for decorative items, books, as well as even accessories. The storage organization allows you to store many small items, or a variety of different items, Because keeping everything in the same place and being able to reach them easily.

Beautiful storage completes the bedroom look

Bring in nature into your home with the help of different bamboo furniture that gives your bedroom a warm and welcoming atmosphere while offering lots of storage opportunities for your clothes, books, work and hobbies.

Bedroom with a white bed frame, blue bed textiles and a pendant lamp, a desk, a wardrobe and shelves in warm bamboo.

The chest of drawers and the bench is a perfect match, both in style and in height, and together they offer clothes storage and a place to sit when getting dressed.

Bed with NORDLI chest of drawers and NORDKISA bench by the foot end. They have the same height and create a streamlined look.

SVALNÄS can be combined in endless ways to create a shelf combination that fits your storage needs perfectly, moreover the warm bamboo radiates a cozy and welcoming bedroom atmosphere. So. match it with other bamboo furniture for an even cozier, and coordinated look.

Bamboo Storage

A bedroom with a large wall-mounted shelf combination in bamboo that holds lots of books, plants and decorative items.

A wardrobe with sliding doors, allows you to place it almost anywhere in the home while still being easy to open, and the airy design lets your clothes breathe. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s stylish too!

Behind a bedroom wall stands a NORDKISA open wardrobe in bamboo, the sliding door is centered and shows clothes on a rail.

Be creative with the placement of your hooks to achieve decorative, and practical, wall storage. The hooks are useful for your hats and other accessories, and they’re beautiful when not in use too.

Freestanding wall with SKUGGIS hooks in bamboo that are mounted in different heights and hats are hanging on some of them.

Bamboo is a natural material that is beautiful throughout the home, and we have bamboo furniture for every room so you can create a coordinated look and doesn’t take up much space, but it offers generous bathroom storage.

A bathroom where RÅGRUND shelving unit in bamboo is standing next to a white wash stand with a mirror on the wall above.

When the day is coming to its end, and you’re starting to look forward to a good night’s sleep, you might want to darken your bedroom to create a cozy sleep environment. Two curtains rods, one with room darkening curtains and one with block-out curtains, will give you optimal comfort.

Bedroom with desk in bamboo in front of a window where evening sun shines in. White and gray curtains cover half the window.

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