How to Decorate Your Small Living Room Into a Multi-Functional Living Space

A multi-purpose room is easy to achieve if you decorate your small living room decorating ideas into a plan that includes the following elements: small TV stand or media storage; wall unit, DVD player and speakers; wall storage for all of the family’s entertainment needs; a coffee or tea table; accent tables for extra storage; and a comfortable sofa bed. These elements will make your room feel much larger than it is, while also making it a place where your family can relax. To help you get started on this great new journey of adding storage, networking and entertainment to your small living room, here are some small living room decorating ideas that will get you started.

The first element that we will add is the TV stand or media storage unit. This will free up a large wall for other creative uses like painting or adding an accent table or bookcase to make the room feel more spacious and homey.

Another way to open up the space in your small living room is to install a wall unit that features one or more wall shelves. A few wall shelves will give you the storage room you need without having to sacrifice the feel of the room. You can store all of your movie DVDs and all of your board games for the year in one of these great little units. If wall space is at a premium in the room, you might also consider installing a bookcase along one wall, then another bookcase on the other walls for even more storage.

The comfort and warmth of the living room

Relax in the living room filled with warm textiles and materials, furnished with thoughtful lighting, and curtains that can provide privacy and also prevent too much sunlight from entering the room.

A small living room with a red rug with Persian pattern, a red sofa, gray curtains, a rattan armchair and a lamp to suit the atmosphere.

Turning a cozy living room into an even more comfortable bedroom is easy with a this large sofa-bed, comfortable bedding textiles, and a side table that can be used as a bedside table. This is one way to organize a narrow living room.

A red sofa bed made as a bed with white bed textiles, a white decking table and white wood floor lamp.

Make everything easy to find, even when the entire room is dark and comfortable. A small light on the TV bench that illuminates your media device while a drawer mounted LED light can help you to find what you are looking for.

White TV bench with open and light drawers, white wall cupboard, small wall lamp and decorative bamboo vase.

Avoid reflections on the TV during the day, and get a dark room when it’s time to sleep on the sofa bed – two types of curtains allow you to adjust the light that comes into your living room.

Combination shelves offers plenty of room for your collection of books and decorative items while being shallow enough to mount behind your sofa – no need to worry about hitting your head!

The use of leg stool with storage that can be used for various things: as a footstool (of course!), As an additional seat and also as a coffee table. And this footstool is lightweight too, so it’s easy to move around whenever needed.

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