Ideas How To Organize Your Dream Family Room

The family room is one of the most frequently used spaces in the house because it is the center of activities for you and your family to relax and spend time together. To create a comfortable family room, of course, requires the right spatial arrangement.

Design is the most important thing that must be considered well before arranging the family room. Adjust the design with the character and personality of you and other family members to create a family room that can provide maximum comfort in your activities.

Here are some ideas for how to organize your family room that you can apply to create a room that suits your personality and family:

Find a seat in accordance with the activity

Chairs, namely sofas and armchairs, are the main furniture that is usually presented in the family room. Adjust the seat you choose with the area of ​​the family room you have to make it look proportionate as a whole. You also have to adjust your seat to the daily activities of your family and so that all your needs are met efficiently.


Sofa is the main item that must be owned when arranging a family room. This is closely related to choosing the best type of seat for your room. Many things can be done on the sofa, so make sure the sofa of your choice matches the various activities that you and other family members do in the family room.

There are many activities that can be done such as resting, watching TV, playing games and gadgets, studying, doing assignments, reading, listening to music, eating, and many more. Choose a sofa that has maximum comfort, such as a sofa with a deep seat and thick cushion. Choose dark sofa colors and materials that are easy to clean.


Armchairs are very common paired with sofas in living rooms. Apart from being a complement to the sofa, the function of the armchair also varies. It can be used as a chair for reading, relaxing, and also for comfortably doing your favorite hobbies.

Choose an armchair that is full of comfort, with the material you like and has a deep, thick seat that can be used for a long time. For reading chairs, choose a chair model with a high back. You should also pay attention to the height of the armrests of your choice of chair. Try to keep the chair parallel to the armrests so that your arms are in a comfortable position when you lean back while reading a book.

Pair with the right table selection

Apart from sofas and armchairs, furniture that you must have for your living room is a table, namely a coffee table and a side table. With the right choice of table type, size and material it will give a good and harmonious appearance to your room, and of course your family room will look tidier and more organized because the table can provide storage for various items.

Coffee table

The guest table has an important role as a seating divider in the family room, to make it look more symmetrical, with the guest table located in the middle as the center point.

For a prettier look in your living room, you can put flowers, plants, or displays on the table as decorative elements.

Side table

Side tables are usually placed next to sofas and armchairs in your living room. In order to get a coordinated view of space, you need to choose a table of the right type, size and material.

The side table in the family room functions as a storage area, especially for storing books and magazines. The top can be used to display decorative accessories such as photos, flower vases, plants, displays, table lamps, and many more.

Complete comfort with a TV table

One of the common electronic items in the living room is a TV. To complement the TV, you have to make sure to choose a TV table that suits the needs of you and your family members. The TV table has many functions, such as a storage area for multimedia devices, a mini library, and can also beautify your family room by displaying a collection of your favorite decorations.

In order for your family activities around the TV table to feel comfortable, make sure the size of the TV you have matches the size and distance of the sofa in the family room. To make the TV table feel proportional, the length of the TV table must be 1.5 times the length of the TV. Also make sure to use a TV table that is not too high so that viewing activities feel comfortable in your viewing distance.

Organize in the storage cabinet

This furniture not only serves as a place to store various items, but can also be part of the decoration in your living room. Make sure you choose a storage cabinet that matches the overall design of your living room for a harmonious look.

You can use an open storage cabinet which is practical and will make it easier for you to store and retrieve items quickly. If you want to display photos, collections of favorite books, displays, and other beautiful objects, use the glass cabinet door. And vice versa, use doors without glass to store items that are not attractive for the wardrobe.

Beautify with attractive decorations

Create a family room that reflects the character and personality of you and your family by choosing a unique decoration. Apply the right decorations to create an interesting visualization of the space on the wall or in the storage cabinet. You can choose decorations by using various personal collections such as books, toys, displays, or use a collection of photos of you and your family as a fun decoration element in your living room.

Wall decoration

To add a personal touch to your living room, try to make the walls look like an art gallery, by using frames containing photos and graphic images with unique patterns, wall clocks, mirrors, crafts, display plates, shelves, and even tools. music such as guitars and trumpets can also be an interesting decoration option to stick on the wall.

If you just want a look that takes a little effort and is easy to pull off, make a collage of photos of you, your family members, and even your pets. Stick it on the wall of the living room and the whole space will feel more homey.

Decoration in cupboard

Storage cabinets are common in living rooms. Not only serves as a storage area, but also can add to the aesthetics of your room.

Having a storage cabinet that uses glass doors can keep your favorite items dust-free while still visible and within reach. By adding lights to the cabinet, your item collection will look more attractive.

Use warmth enhancing textiles

Create a comfortable and warm living room by adding textile materials, such as pillows, blankets, rugs, curtains, drapes, and other soft textile items. Apart from being comfortable, adding textiles can also be an attractive decoration to beautify your living room.

Pillows and blankets

To create maximum comfort for the sofa and armchairs in your living room, add soft pillows and warm blankets. The choice of motifs, colors, and materials from pillows and blankets can add an aesthetic element to your home.


Apart from pillows and blankets, carpets can also support comfort. The use of carpet in the family room can also be a direct space divider. Choose a carpet with a material that is easy to clean because of the many activities carried out in the family room, and use a carpet with a proportional size to give the right visual effect.

Curtains and blinds

Curtains and curtains serve to regulate the quality and quantity of light that enters the room. This is very important to ensure the comfort of your activities while in the house which of course requires adequate lighting. By using curtains and blinds, you can control the light that comes in by opening or closing the curtains and blinds.

Another function of using curtains and blinds is to maintain privacy. Looking at the scenery outside the house through the windows would have been nice. This has to do with the safety of your security.

Enable the lighting as needed

Lighting is very important in the arrangement of your living room. Besides functioning to illuminate the room, good lighting can also build a comfortable atmosphere for you and your family, and can give a different character to the room.

Enough natural light can make your home energy efficient during the day because you don’t need to make lamps. The right lighting arrangement will change the overall atmosphere of your living room to be more lively and comfortable according to all your daily activities. Because of the Galaxy, the light settings must be as laid out as possible.

The following are three types of lighting that you should apply to create a comfortable living room:

Main lighting

Use the main lamp with light that is able to spread evenly throughout the room. You can use the main lamp in any form, a ceiling lamp or a pendant lamp. However, when using a pendant lamp, you must pay attention to the height that it is not too low so that it doesn’t fit well and doesn’t interfere with your daily activities in the family room.

Function-appropriate lighting

Use lights according to functions that can help you to continue your hobbies in the family room even at night, for example, use a reading light if you want to read while relaxing on the sofa.

You can also add spotlights to your storage cabinet for a dramatic look to make you look more attractive and personal.

Lighting to create nuances

Use additional lighting to light up a dark corner in your living room by using a table lamp or floor lamp. Lighting like this can make the atmosphere of your living room more comfortable and cozy.

In order not to dazzle your eyes, place the lights slightly higher than your line of sight.

Fresh green plants

The family room is the perfect place to relax and unwind. One of the decorative elements that can help to maximize the relaxation function in the family room is to present green plants that will make the humidity and humidity in the room cleaner and fresher.

Several types of plants have extraordinary functions for your living room. Choose plants that make your room feel more comfortable, such as plants that can reduce stress levels.

You can also present plants that have the ability to absorb radiation from electronic devices such as your TV and cell phone.

To create a comfortable and dreamy family room, try to create your perfecting power and apply the interesting ideas above to liven up your family room. A warm family room that is fun, and suits your personality and personality.

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