Simple Modern Kitchens Decoration Tips and Ideas

The kitchen is one of the important spaces in a house. Previously, the kitchen only functioned as a place for cooking, but now its functions are increasingly diverse. The kitchen space can be a multifunctional space because of its nature as the center of the house. You can design a simple modern kitchens and do more than just cook and eat food, with designs that follow modern trends and lifestyles.

You don’t need a hobby of cooking to have a kitchen with a complete and beautiful design. Because nowadays modern kitchens also function as an area to entertain family and relatives, the selection of decorations and designs, as well as a storage area that suits your needs, will play an important role in making you more excited to be in the kitchens. Here are simple kitchen decoration ideas that can be applied to make your kitchen feel comfortable and pleasant:

Take advantage of natural light

Light up your modern kitchens space using natural lighting. Lighting is an important aspect for a room. Besides functioning to illuminate the room, good lighting will also build a comfortable atmosphere for you and give the room character.

Use large glass windows and skylights that will facilitate natural light to illuminate and help with daily activities in your kitchen, thereby saving light use during the day.

During the day, the best lighting used to illuminate the room is sunlight. Maximizing the use of natural light for your kitchen space will certainly reduce the use of lights and have a big impact on reducing electricity consumption during the day so it will be more energy efficient.

Add an aesthetic element

Create a simple, cozy modern kitchens using matching soft and neutral colors, with a combination of white and light gray. Suitable for spaces with limited sizes as this design will make your kitchen feel more spacious.

To make your small kitchen look less boring, add a few aesthetic elements as decorations. The use of accent objects and dark furniture will create interesting contrasting nuances.

Take advantage of the kitchen walls by using smart storage that can provide more space for you to cut and cook comfortably. The rails and hooks work so you can hang all the cooking utensils and utensils, as well as cutlery to make your kitchen feel more organized. Group and arrange beautifully to make it look more personal. Add frames with images of herbs and spices to give your kitchen a strong unity theme.

Use the height of the walls

Kitchen space requires a lot of storage for various daily cooking needs. Small kitchen is not a problem because you can allow the height of the walls.

Combine closed and open storage. Mount rails and kitchen racks on the wall to hang pots, pans and all other utensils to make cooking easier. Group them by function so that your view is more organized and can make it easier for you to quickly reach the things you need. Your small kitchen will feel more spacious and can save space for storing.

Use open storage

Limited kitchen size is not a problem if you can make the best use of the function of the space. Use this open mini kitchen so you can easily create a practical and inspiring area for cooking, even in the smallest of spaces.

By using open storage, all kitchen utensils and utensils, cutlery, food ingredients will be clearly visible and make it easy for you to reach them easily and quickly. Group and organize them according to function to have a more organized appearance.

Create as a reminder board

Sometimes, the super busy activities in the kitchen can make you forget a lot. You can place a “chalkboard” in the kitchen that acts as a note-taking or reminder for you and the rest of the family at home.

Use matte black kitchen cabinet doors that work as a chalkboard. Add it to become a unique creative minimalist modern kitchens decoration. You can write on it, from recipes, cooking menus, grocery lists, to-do lists, encouraging quotes to various activities of your child. The surface of this cabinet door is very strong, easy to maintain and also easy to clean.

Refresh with nuances of nature

A simple, limited-sized kitchen will look great with a touch of nature. Use natural materials on walls and furniture to give it a warm look. Also maximize openings in the form of glass windows or doors that can make natural light enter to illuminate the kitchen space.

The addition of ornamental plants can also make the atmosphere of your modern kitchens look fresher. Choose plants that are easy enough to care for, make sure to water them regularly and place them near the windows because they still need direct sunlight.

You can also bring natural freshness into your kitchen by creating a “garden” of herbs. Besides being able to beautify the room, these plants can also be used for cooking. The advantage of growing herbs in the kitchen is that they are relatively easy to maintain and do not require a large area. Plant the herbs in pots, then use kitchen rails and attach them to the wall. Now you can grow and care for practical herbs in your kitchen.

Express it with patterns and colors

To create a cheerful kitchen space that can make the cooking process even more fun, adjust the design to your taste and personality. If you are a person who likes to express yourself, create your kitchen as a canvas by playing with bold patterns and colors.

Use a variety of unique graphic patterns on cupboard doors that will be a strong highlight in your kitchen and add furniture and carpets in vibrant colors that will make your kitchen look more vibrant and feel personal. Pair it with soft, neutral wall colors to dampen the atmosphere so that the overall look isn’t too crowded.

Show it beautifully

You can decorate a simple kitchen space in your home in many ways. To enhance the appearance of your kitchen, you can present decorations that are in harmony with the design of your kitchen space.

Use wallpaper as an alternative to wallcovering because of its diverse and attractive color choices and motifs. However, because the wallpaper is made of paper, you should apply it to dry kitchen areas, such as dish racks and kitchen utensils or open storage spaces. Pair it by changing the color of the furniture according to the big concept of your kitchen space or using a matching color.

Your kitchen utensils and equipment neatly arranged on an open storage shelf can be a unique and personal element of your own decor. You can also choose decorative objects with colors to match your kitchen wall paint so that it looks like a harmonious and beautifully organized unity.

Make it easy for daily activities

Using a kitchen trolley can be a smart alternative to help your daily activities. The small trolley can fit in tight spaces and can be moved wherever you need it. Preparing food and drinks will be much easier and more practical because you don’t have to bother going back and forth to the kitchen.

The kitchen trolley can also be used as extra storage. Use it as an alternative to storing various cooking utensils, cutlery, dining table accessories, jars filled with food ingredients, herbs, and vegetables and fruit that don’t need to be stored in the refrigerator.

When you want to use the things inside, you just have to move the trolley and take it wherever you want.