Bed Frame and Storage Ideas – Great Solutions For Your Bedroom Design

When it comes to getting the most out of your bed, there are a few smart storage ideas that you can integrate into your bedroom design that will make your bed not only smarter but also more useful. One of the first things that you need to consider when you’re trying to figure out how to get the most out of your bed is how you plan to use your bed.

Bed Frame and Storage

This smart solution from IKEA furniture will be one great choice for you. Living in a small room doesn’t mean you can’t put all your needs there. Therefore, with the Bed Frame which is equipped with 10 storage drawers, you can store everything neatly without filling your room. If you live in a small apartment with only one room, with this bed frame you even have the rest of the room for another room.

Save space by combining bed and storage in one piece of furniture. So, you’ll get storage under your bed and under your feet making it easy to reach.

You can use the top of the drawer as a table to put your reading and also a little touch of decoration for your room. The drawer is easily accessible and can safely load many of your clothes.

Wall Storage

One of the smart storage ideas that you can incorporate into your bedroom design is a wall storage option. A wall storage unit is a great way to get the most out of your bed frame and storage space, as it can add a nice accent of color and elegance to any small bedroom. Additionally, using a wall storage unit allows you to free up space in your room for other essential items, or you can use it as a permanent storage solution for all your small decorative items.

You can create high or low storage and place it under a sloping ceiling or along a wall. The wall storage from IKEA is easy to assemble by assembling using the included clamps. You even have additional storage on top of the cabinet for your other books.

Utility Cart

Rolling carts provide an easy, convenient method to store, organized, and sort your belongings in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or garden office. Rolling carts provide easy access to all of the things on every shelf without a lot of strain or a trip up the stairs.

The rugged construction and four casters let you move the cart with ease and use it wherever you want. With its dimensions reduced, it even finds its place in a small room. Place it in a corner when not needed and it won’t make your room feel cramped.