The Best Solution For Small Bathroom With Smart Storages – Common Space

Are you sick of the clutter and cluttered look of your small bathroom with little room for yourself? The good news is that it can be fixed. You have to understand that your bathroom does not necessarily have to be small. It can be made to look that way, but all you need is some smart storages ideas. There are several ways to keep things out of sight in a small bathroom without making it look cramped and nasty. And when you do finally decide to make your bathroom larger, storages will be an absolute necessity.

What are some solutions for getting that storages for your needs? The easiest is wall shelves. Not only do they provide you with the wall space you need to organize your things, but they also add an interesting and edgy style to your small bathroom. If you want to go with something a bit more traditional, try putting up wall cabinets.

Smart Bathroom Storages – Face your clutter

Open shelves and personal drawers blend beautifully – bathroom furniture offers both open and closed storages, ensuring each family member has their own space in the shared bathroom.

Mirror doors, open shelves, spacious drawers and functional hooks create the perfect combination of storage, both in terms of style and function.

A dedicated space for toilet paper and plants – open shelves are not only perfect for your bathroom needs but can also be a decoration.

With ENHET rotary rack you can always reach perfume easily!

Refreshing, dry towels are right where you need them: install rails of your towel next to the bathtub and prevent the floor from getting wet.

STORAVAN toiletries sets offer coordinated style at affordable prices.

Another option is to use a vanity or hutch on the wall. These serve the dual purpose of adding storage to the room as well as providing a nice display for your decorative pieces. Whichever storage solution you choose, make sure that you don’t put everything in the room.