A Guide to Curtains and Decorating With Curtains

Do you need to change curtain? If so, you should consider the following curtain options that can make your home look elegant and more beautiful. The first option is a sheer or open screen curtain with a wide array of colors and patterns to choose from, which gives a stunning view to your room. For those who have large windows, such curtains are an ideal choice, and can even be framed with a mirror or frame to enhance their beauty.

Curtains that hang down over the top of the doorways are often called valances. Curtains that hang directly from the ceiling are also known as valances. These curtains usually feature long, draped fabric panels. These curtains are perfect for those who want to have some privacy, but still have a beautiful effect in the room.

Modern Curtains Ideas

Curtains with a bow tie, also known as a swag curtain, are another option that is great for making a bold, dramatic statement in the room. This type of curtain feature a large bow tie at the front and back of the fabric, and has a long vertical stripe down the entire length of the curtain. Some people might find this type of curtain too feminine looking, but if you are looking for a unique style that will fit perfectly into your decor, then this may be the right choice for you. This option is perfect for adding a bit of color to the room, but you may find it doesn’t have a very feminine appeal.

Layer your curtains for light control

For an easy way to control the levels of light in a room, layer your curtains. Try hanging two sets of curtains in fabric of different weights. A sheer, lightweight curtain will keep the room bright but create a soft, diffused light. Pair them with curtains in a heavier weight fabric to bring light levels down or block it out when needed.

A twist on monochrome

Want to experiment with color but feeling less than daring? Pick a traditional pattern in an unexpected color like checks in green and white instead of the usual black and white.

Naturally graphic

Textiles are an easy way to bring the feeling of outdoors inside. Use fabrics with designs based on the patterns of nature to give your interior a feel-good, natural beauty.

Details bring the basics to life
The basics don’t have to be boring. Look for intricate detailing, like the swirling embroidery on the SPARVÖRT sheer curtains, to give your window treatment more character.