Smart Children’s Bedroom Storage and Decoration

You will find that there are plenty of ideas for your children’s bedroom design and decorating. While the bedroom is for sleeping and rest, it is also a room that is where the kids spend most of their time. Therefore, you should ensure that they have a room that makes them feel like a child, one that is bright and fun to play in, and one that does not contain cluttered rooms or small furniture. As long as you follow these ideas, you will be well on your way to having a room that the children will love.

In the same way that you can choose a bright color scheme for the room, you can choose a room design that is full of bright toys and decorations. You can also choose to decorate your space with a theme. For instance, you could decide to have a bedroom theme like the jungle or the pirates. Or you could opt for a room style such as the princess or the fairy tale. If you want to get a colorful color scheme, you may want to go for light and pale colors, and if you want to go for dark, you will be able to find bright colors in bright shades.

Creative Children’s Bedroom Designs and Styles

Style up your storage

Storage in your children’s room is the secret to success! It can hold all sports equipment, training gear and clothes, leaving plenty of space for hobbies or friends who pop over after school.

Colorful Children’s Room With White Wardrobe And Bedding

Store your child’s clothes in this STUVA / FRITIDS wardrobe. Here there’s space for hanging clothes, wire baskets and a few shelves for folding clothes – and there are drawers for socks and underwear. The advantage is that this wardrobe can be adjusted as needed.

SLÄKT – Bed frame With under-bed storage

It is simple in appearance and fits well with a SLÄKT bed. You can add storage under the bed with extra storage or a comfortable place to hang out with friends.

Moejlighet Bed Pocket Blue

With the handy sleeping bag beside the bed, you can easily reach the things you need. These storage pockets come in different sizes which help you keep your various supplies there. Besides that, the bag can be hung anywhere, even on bunk beds.

Ready player one

Small on space but big on videogames? Save floor space with a loft bed and use the lower part as a gamer’s station.
GLHF! (Good luck, have fun!)

Silver Steel Loft Bed With Sturdy Desk On The Lower Bunk

Slaekt Storage Seat Section

Perfect when friends come over to hang out – just roll it out. When it’s time to clean up, simply stow the bedding, toys or secret treasures inside and push it under SLÄKT bed.

Skadis Storage Bag White Gray

Adds accessories to your pegboard. Keep your children’s magazines and reading materials, or other equipment.

Flisat Wall Storage

Made of solid wood, your child can easily find that favorite book, as the wall storage has an open front.

Two tickets to the indoor circus

Come one, come all to a children’s room carnival. This little guy loves to play games and create new competitions; his imagination is as wild as his bedroom! So step right up and have some fun: there are plenty of toys to tinker with.

Children’s Bedroom With Circus Themed Wallpapers And Fluffy Animals

Trofast Storage Combination With Boxes Light White Stained Pine White

A series of sturdy wooden frames and a lightweight plastic case that your child can easily slide, carry and put back. Low storage makes it easy for children to reach and organize their belongings.

Stuva Fritids Table With Toy Storage White White

The perfect play area for small children – open shelves for books, a toy box on wheels and a table with space for crafts. Everything at a height that suits little “can-doers”.

Flyttbar Basket With Lid

Colorful basket with room for everything from toys and clothes to important personal items.

Get Your Best Storage Options

One of the most important aspects of designing a kids’ bedroom is the smart children’s bedroom storage and decoration. This can involve a lot of different things; from having their own play room, to having separate bedrooms where they can be alone for their ‘alone time’, to having a separate area for toys to protect them from too much activity from other members of the family, to even having the ability to play in a separate area from where other members of the family live.

It is very easy to forget how much space is actually needed in a child’s room, but once you have looked at all of the various options you have available to you will realise that a complete wardrobe is probably a good idea. There are also storage units that can be fitted onto the walls which will not only provide a place for a lot of clothes and items that do not fit on the beds, but which will also help protect your children from any items that may accidentally fall off the bed. (Shop at IKEA)