Kid’s Room Storage and Interior Design Tips

When it comes to decorating a kid’s room, one of the things you have to decide is the type of storage you are going to use. You will also need to decide whether you want a more traditional wooden storage unit or a modern storage system with shelves and drawers for toys and books. Of course, your child’s room furniture will be a big part of the decorating, so you will need to choose furniture that fits the style of the rest of the room, and can match the style of your storage units.

Bed With Drawer For Storage Solution

The dream of adolescents. This bed is comfortable and offers many storage solutions to put clothes or sports gear. The drawers open easily and are large enough to store toys and clothes. This bed frame with its rounded edges, recessed handles and some visible storage, is all that there is more secure. You can easily personalize this clean, single bed with bed set, pillows and other accessories.

Kid’s Room Bookshelf and Wall Cabinet

Some storage units look nice on their own, while other ones will be built into the wall. The easiest type of storage unit for a kid’s room is a bookcase. There are many types available, so pick a style that you think will go well with the decor.

Use additional shelves to store books for easy reach by children

It is estimated that around the world a BILLY library is sold every five seconds. It is all the more impressive when we know that BILLY was launched in 1979. A piece of furniture always in tune with the times, acclaimed by book lovers.

Storage Wall Cabinet

STUVA / FRITIDS Storage with plenty of space, which protects objects from dust and helps tidy up your children’s room. The doors are equipped with soft cover hinges that allow them to close smoothly and all are equipped with integrated handles and pre-assembly. Therefore dust cannot enter the cabinet through any hole. It can be placed on the floor or hung on the wall.

Combination Of Wardrobe And Toy Storage

Storage Combination

This combination includes a large box for toys and a spacious cabinet to store clothes, folded or on hangers. The small seat allows you to read or relax. Very practical, this combination makes everyday life easier. This wardrobe is not ready to leave your child. It is large enough to store adult-size clothing and you can organize the interior to suit your child’s needs, so that it will accompany him for many years to come.

TROFAST – Toy Storage

TROFAST – A series of playful and solid storage units to put toys, sit down, play and relax. The structure has several grooves that allow you to place the bins and shelves where you want, and change their layout at any time. Low storage that makes it easier for children to reach and store their belongings.

Discover More Design!

Kid’s room storage is very important because it helps kids organize their toys and games. By keeping things in one place, they will have more fun and not have to spend hours searching around the room. At IKEA you can even get a custom storage unit if you want, because it allows you to have exactly what you want. Remember, the decor of your kid’s room is an integral part of how they feel about their room, so make sure it reflects your interests, style and personality.