91+ Chic Modern Kitchens With White Marble Tiles and Floors

It is common for kitchens to have all white tiles to add an elegant and subtle feel to their rooms, however you need to keep in mind that these look great when they are used as a backsplash but become very boring when the room gets cluttered. Some people also choose to use all marble tiles, which look great on the walls but can clash if there is too much color in the room.

A combination of white marble and black marble on the floors can be a really stylish way of making a room seem larger without being too busy. This type of modern kitchen ideas can also look too polished and classic and make a room look like it is a little too formal.

When designing a room with tiles and floors, or other material on the walls, it is important to consider whether they will blend in well with the colors and styles in the rest of the room. You may decide to get the same tile colours in your walls or floors, and be able to play around with the different tones that you choose, or you may decide to paint some parts of the room in a more modern hue, adding a slightly edgy, contemporary feel to the room.

White Marble Tiles and Floors

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So what you may find works best for you when it comes to designing a large kitchen is whether you will mix and match different materials, such as using white marble on one wall but having a modern sink, or whether you would prefer to try and create a very light and airy atmosphere by using wooden flooring, or perhaps a kitchen island. If you want to give the space a very traditional feel then adding marble to the walls is probably the way to go. However, if you want to add a modern twist to the room, then using a splash of white on the walls is also a great way to do this.

The key to making this style of room stylish and cool at the same time is to make sure that when you are choosing a specific material to use, such as for the tiles and flooring, that you use only as much as is necessary to help you achieve the look you want. Having too much will make the room feel too loud and heavy, and too little will make it look too bland and sterile. Whatever you decide to use, white marble kitchen ideas, which are usually bold and vibrant, are a great way to add a touch of class and style to any room.