Compact Design for Big Dreams and Tight Spaces

Compact design for big dreams and tight spaces is definitely in, as the market is getting flooded with several of them. The latest trend is the ultra-compact design that helps people achieve more functionality and convenience while staying within their budgets. While some designers may focus on small and compact designs only, others go beyond this by providing the user with designs that are also good in looks and are stylish.

The slim shape makes it possible to use the space better than other designs which have a bulky appearance. This is the reason why most home owners to have at least one compact design available in their homes.

Compact Design For Bedroom

High enough for your storage boxes to keep your belongings close, and neatly out of the way. Made of solid wood, this bed frame can be left as it is, or painted with colors for a creative touch.


NEIDEN – Bed Frame Pine

The compact design is perfect for tight spaces or under low ceilings, so you can make the most of your available space.

IVAR Cabinet Pine

Untreated solid pine is a durable natural material that can be painted, oiled or stained as desired. Shelves can be moved and spaced to suit your needs.

KUBBIS – Rack With 7 Hooks White

By combining the different sizes, you can use the wall space in the best way and fit more hooks to hang your things on.

ROERKAER – Rug Flatwoven Black Natural

The rug has inverse patterns on the front and on the back, so you can choose which side you want to show. By occasionally turning it over, it will withstand more wear and last even longer.

TVAERS Table Lamp With Led Bulb White

Create a soft and comfortable light atmosphere in your room. A fun, futuristic mood lamp design that looks like it came from outer space.



When people think about the compact design they always think about the same things, that is efficiency, space saving and durability. Most of the compact designs come with a very light weight, yet sturdy design to provide maximum safety and flexibility. They also have very strong, durable materials that are resistant to impact and wear. This is one reason why many people choose to buy these models. The most popular models of the compact design include the small dining table and the small mini refrigerator.