Spacious and luxurious bathroom design with traditional details for a timeless look

Modern, spacious and luxurious Bathroom Design with Traditional details for a timeless feel are all possible to be achieved in today’s modern homes. In order to achieve these great design choices, it is vital that you do not overlook the design elements of your home and take the time to think about all of them. The design elements that will help create the feel and look of a home will include color, texture, and design. It is therefore important to hire a designer who is able to take the time to explain all of the aspects that need to be considered when designing a home.

When using traditional details in Bathroom Design for a Timelier Home, it is essential that you try to get as many elements in a space as you possibly can. A good designer can also help you create the perfect theme or look and feel of your home by creating the right color and type of lighting. It is important to remember that you do not want to use any harsh, bright colors in your bathroom, but rather choose ones that are warm and comforting. This will help to create a relaxing environment.

Spacious and luxurious, even when you’re two

HEMNES – TÖRNVIKEN Open sink cabinet with 17¾ sink, white-Voxnan faucet

It isn’t just the open space and double fixtures that make this bathroom feel luxurious. It’s also the mix of closed drawers and open shelves, the classic metallic details and the big, bold mirror. With a warm atmosphere and traditional style decorations and furniture, doesn’t this bathroom look really stunning.

NORDRANA Blue basket

The unique crochet basket can be used to store spare towels or toilet paper, thanks to its large storage space.

TOFTBO Bath Mat, Gray White Mélange

Bringing a soft touch to your feet, adding a bath mat will keep your feet dry. Use a bath mat with a material that dries quickly so you don’t have to step on a damp mat every time you shower.

Tidy on the inside, too

Tidy On The Inside With GODMORGON Box Storage

Free and clear countertops help this bathroom feel calm and clean. A drawer that’s got makeup, toiletries and accessories sorted into boxes with lids maintains that clutter-free neatness inside as well.

Traditional details for a timeless look in your bathroom

TÖRNVIKEN Countertop sink,  VARDAGEN Dish towel, and VOXNAN Bath faucet with strainer, chrome plated

These countertop ceramic wash-basins have an old-fashioned feel but come with modern features like water-saving taps. Glass and chrome-plated accessories add even more turn-of-the-century inspired style.

For what makes your bathroom yours

SALVIKEN Hand towel, HEMNES High cabinet with glass door, and TOPPIG Lantern for block candle

You can show off your style in your bathroom, too. A glass-door cabinet puts your pretty perfume bottles and lovely accessories on display while keeping them dust-free on two adjustable shelves.

SALVIKEN Hand Towel Anthracite

Hand towels are blue, don’t you want your bathroom to feel warmer. black floor, blue basket and blue towels. looks simple and very cute combined.

TOPPIG Lantern For Block Candle Black

Adding a classic and traditional touch, this Lantern for block candle makes a unique decoration and lighting in your bathroom.

In addition to creating a beautiful space for your home with your choice of traditional details, it is vital that you keep your walls clean, tidy and free from any dirt and clutter. This will help to create a space that is clean and pleasant to look at. Bathroom designers are also able to help you choose the right tile for your bathroom. It is essential that you choose a tile that compliments your interior decorating style, and that you do not have too many colors or patterns.

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