City Balcony With Flower Box, Shelf Unit With Plants And Dining Area

For those that live in a city and have an abundance of open space, a beautiful garden, and maybe even an ocean view the possibilities are endless when it comes to creating a green dining room on the city balcony. One of the main considerations is to decide what kind of colors, styles, and designs you want your new room to have and what the size and shape of the balcony will be.

Many people will choose the look they like best based on their own personal style and preferences. If you like a lot of sunshine or feel a warm breeze coming through the open windows then perhaps a dining room on the balcony with a table and chairs might be right for you. Once you have chosen your theme, you will need to decide on the type of material that you will use to make your new patio or veranda.

City ​​Balcony To Escape From The Hectic Daily Life

Saltholmen Chair and Table Outdoor Foldable Beige

Turn breaking for lunch into a habit by making it something to look forward to. Create a spot away from your desk to sit and eat. Make it special.

Herbal Plants In Mini Pots In Greenhouses

Be inspired by the Japanese practice of Zen gardening and develop your green fingers. The act of nurturing and growing plants has been linked to reducing stress and boosting happiness. It’s doubly satisfying when you can eat what you’ve grown! Start with herbs. You can plant an herb garden in the smallest space, for an on-hand source of fresh herbs to garnish your lunchtime sandwich or salad.

A Metal Shelving Unit Against An Old Wall With Flowers

For a space smart way to garden on a small balcony, go vertical! Shelves for potted plants, hanging baskets, trellis… Whatever your preference, growing up is a great way to go green on a city balcony.

A Line Of Small Round Paper Lanterns Some Yellow And White

See the things you use to decorate your balcony as opportunities to give your eyes a visual treat. What we see can affect how we feel and it only takes a small thing to create a happy vibe. A cushion in your favorite color, a flower that reminds you of a holiday, colorful string lights that recall laughter-filled nights with friends. Some days, your working day needs a little escapism!

Having a City balcony with flower box, plant rack and dining room is a perfect way of adding some elegance and beauty to your patio. You can choose either a balcony which has a huge amount of space on each side. This balcony gives an intimate and lovely feel to the entire place.